One of the best things about Florida is the beauty of the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. You may have explored tropical beach life on the ground, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the Florida coast from the sky?

You can see all that’s going on in the water around Florida’s most popular beaches and coastlines. Marine life surrounding the Florida coast can be observed on our seaplane tours, including the red starfish, stingrays, dolphins, and sharks.

The bottlenose dolphin is commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean that borders Miami Beach. These aquatic creatures can grow up to 12 ft long and are super intelligent. Florida is home to several shark species, such as the great hammerhead and tiger sharks.

In the distance, you’ll see how the deep and light blue waters encroach upon the sandy shores of South Beach and make the Miami Skyline pop.

Take in the Beauty of Crystal Blue Seas