About Miami Seaplane Tours

Miami Seaplane Tours had its genesis in 1995 as Fun Flight Miami, with a very humble beginning that consisted of a very passionate seaplane pilot, one Ultralight, and the desire to fly over the South Florida waters. Settling on an easily accessible area at Key Biscayne, the business was born and, after a few years, became Ultralight Adventures, with the mission of training a growing number of Ultralight enthusiasts as pilots.

Miami Seaplane Tours

In 2000, an increased customer demand led us to offer aerial tours of the Miami skylines, sunsets, South Beach, the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay, and other popular landmarks. While our customers loved the open-cockpit experience of our Ultralights, we could only fly one passenger at a time, so we needed to increase capacity to meet demand.

Adjust to Change

In 2004, the regulations for Ultralight Training Airplanes changed dramatically.

These regulatory changes were the catalyst to a broader scope — a new business devoted primarily to aerial tours. In 2005, we became Miami Seaplane Tours with the addition of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk seaplane.

Doors Opening

Late in 2011, Miami Seaplane Tours was granted its FAA 135 Certificate as an air carrier operator, opening up a new world of opportunities. The company now offers private charter flights throughout South Florida and the Bahamas.

Our focus is always on the customer’s experience while delivering the highest level of safety. The new air carrier certificate spun a new type of personalized service that included our seaplane charters to remote destinations in conjunction with activities and/or lodging, which we named Island Escapes. We fly our seaplanes to Bimini, Key West, and Little Palm Island. Our concierge service customizes half- or full-day events for a quick getaway based on requests from our customers as well as our creative input to make dreams a reality for any special occasion.

Today, Miami Seaplane Tours & Charters continues to grow, adding new aircraft to their fleet and expanding their services and destinations every year.

The sky’s the limit. Come fly with Miami Seaplane Tours!

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